Today was a wonderful day!!!! Woke up and went to church first and after that met up with Nicole to go shoot! We always have a great time when we get together and the pictures come out so pretty every time!!! This is just the beginning of them I will add in a few more here and there to this blog and then the rest will go into an album. I was a little sad today when I was driving over to one of my favorite places to shoot pics and it was torn down and replaced with a plain, black fence. As we were sitting in the car and I was having a moment of silence for the wall I loved so much I looked beside us and there was a fire truck! It made my day because they were kind enough to let us take some with it!! Lost one photo prop and gained a shiny red one!! lol. I hope you enjoy these images and the truck pictures will be up shortly for you to see. It’s going to be a long editing process!! We took tons! We went to so many locations I hope you all enjoy these as I add more to them every day!!