I have to say I am very excited about these pictures! It seems to be that some of my best work comes from complete spontaneity. We were planning on shooting on this day and we had both decided that it was too gloomy out and looked like it was just going to pour out buckets of rain. Well later on closer to the evening it began really snowing good and sticking to the grass and I looked out and was in complete awe of Gods beauty. I called her up really fast and said, “hey, what are you doing? Can you come down here to the house for a few pictures.” She was able to being that she lives right up the street! We froze outside in 30 degree weather both of us in dresses and I even had a wet head with hair curlers …what my neighbors must have thought about all of this! A site to see to say the least. Well, here they are and I hope you all enjoy these as they are my new favorites! Thanks to my sweet friend for being just as crazy and adventurous as I am.