Well. Where can I begin to share this story. I have lived in Knoxville since I was age seven and grew up in a pretty nice home. The subdivision was great and I had tons of friends to play with and in the summertime we had a pool to go to that was included. We could ride our bikes and go carts or walk..it was fantastic growing up with so many wonderful friends. I can’t complain at all and well I graduated from high school finally and began the local community college. Around 22 years of age I met someone and got married, moved off and had my first son.I lived away out as a house wife for about 3 years. Well, I wasn’t very happy to say little and moved back home when my son was about three. I raised him up in the house I grew up in and his grandparents spoiled him rotten..but that’s what they’re for, right? After more years passed by and around 2002…I met a man who stole my heart and we had my second son. We were about to close on a home but things didn’t work out and he left us pretty much where I was. I went back to the community college and graduated in 2010 with my AASD.  I stayed 9 years raising my second son in grandparents house and I wasn’t very happy anymore. I had never lived on my own out in the world and decided my life wasn’t going to change unless I stepped out and changed it. Stepping out of my comfort zone feeling scared and uncertain I found myself moving through the motions as if it weren’t real. I began putting applications in at apartments and checking them out and areas and well it happened. Most people do things young and in the correct order but not me, I did everything backwards! I wouldn’t change it though as it’s who I am. I wanted to document my stages of my move and I’m proud of what I’ve done by myself. I was driving down the highway and was right beside the Little Debbie truck and the slogan on the truck says ” UnWrap a Smile”…little did I know that all of my moving boxes would be Little Debbie boxes provided to me by our local gas store and friends. God was moving me, guiding me and leading me through this entire process. I must say that a sweet friend helped organize my movers for the big stuff and without them I couldn’t even have had my table or beds. I boxed and packed everything on my own and carried it all here in many different trips. Back and forth, back and forth and then up 16 stairs back and forth I went tirelessly. It’s been a process for sure and the one thing a good friend said to me sticks in my mind daily as I sit here now moved in and happy ..she said, ” bold moves are good” and she’s so right. You really have to embrace this world and try new things to discover it.
As you can see I had lots to move out and box up!!!  WOW, looking back at how much I had!!
I need to have a good yard sale.

This is the den area which I slept in the past nine years on a couch. I had lots of space but not my own.
Here is where we went and looked at the apartment before we moved into it. Shepard was giving me his approval and picking out which room was going to be his.
We had to sleep on the floor for about 2 weeks…we were in between houses and that was a little tricky.

We didn’t have our tvs moved in yet so we watched movies on my laptop. It was like a giant slumber party.

I slowly began to get things decorated and as you can see functional.
So many boxes!!! I didn’t think I would ever see the end of it..and for 2 months I still had boxes to unpack.
                                                      Lots of laughing took place!

                                                                      The view outside his window is nice!

                                        The day I got the call saying ” come pick up your keys” What a great feeling!

                                                             The Kitchen is finally coming together.
           My sister helped out in the decorating areas by providing wall art and glass stands, and vases.           thanks Sister!
                           I think our dog likes it here. She seems to be very comfy lying around anywhere she pleases!

We have  been here now since about April 11, 2015. We have amazing neighbors here and things are good. I can’t wait to see where life takes us now. Shepard is about to begin a new school-returning into brick and mortar and well I don’t know if I will go back for my BA or just find part time work in something I like. I am so happy I finally got brave enough to step out from my parents house when I know everyone leaves the nest in their 20’s or younger…I stayed for many reasons though- my very own good reasons but it was time to part. It’s been bitter sweet in doing so but I never have regrets. I will admit I miss a washer and dryer connection and carrying our laundry up and down 16 stairs isn’t fun…oh and the inconvenience of carrying groceries up and down these stairs, lol makes ya want to eat much less! Apartment life is exciting. A little scary at times but overall ok. Come visit us friends!  Thanks to everyone who helped us in our move, supported us in our decision, and loved us unconditionally. It was not an easy decision for me to make and it took much thought – some might say too much, lol..20 years…but I want things to be right and thought about with unselfishness. It’s my kids future too here. I miss home, I miss my oldest son most as he is still their at the grandparents home..and I had to sacrifice leaving one dog and cat behind but I can go home to visit everyday their if I want and that makes it all ok.