I wanted to share with everyone things I love! I have many things on my list but to start with Number 1.  it’s The Pioneer Woman. For those who have not heard of her she is amazing! Her name is Ree Drummond and she’s a photographer, rancher and cook. Everything about her life is exciting and I relate to much of her having had my own horses for many years and that I am a photographer too! I can cook pretty good also but she has definitely been my inspiration in learning new dishes! One of the reasons I love her recipes is that she cooks very similar to my taste and style!! Everything pretty much in her recipes you will already have in your cabinets. I’m a little obsessed with her. She is on the Food Network and you can see her episodes on Netflix as well. I love cooking and if you watch her sometime you might just take it up too!


2. The next thing I would like to share that I love are my carousel horses. I bought one to use as a photo prop and from their on I kinda got a little nuts and went on a mission. I now have 8 total I believe..and then I collect the little ones to set on desk as well. I am a horse lover and always have been!!  Horses are one of my greatest loves! I had one horse when I was in high school 1980’s..then in 2000 I bought 2 more and got back into riding. I don’t have them anymore and really miss them!! I don’t have all of my carousel horses photographed but this one is my favorite and I use it with kids and sessions, this little cutie couldn’t have been more perfect for the picture!

3. THRIFT STORES! I love going to them and I never really went as much as I do now because now I live right next door to one and that’s getting me into tons of trouble! From shoes, dresses, toys for my boy and furniture..I’m running out of room! YIKES! There is nothing better then one mans trash being another mans – well woman’s treasure. I love them all but KARM takes the win!

4. UGGS. Well…I bought one pair and that started it. I now have about 13 pairs and I can’t keep my feet out of them. I quit wearing high heels long ago as I have gotten older and don’t find them comfortable and they say UGGS aren’t good for your feet either but put your feet in a pair and then tell me you wouldn’t wear them. lol They are so soft and plush I wear them everywhere even in the summertime. LOVE my UGGS!


5. Pianos! I love them! I play and read but nothing like some of the worlds best..I just find it relaxing and therapeutic. I like to print off music and attempt working on it for a period of time to half way master the sound of a song. I grew up playing on a 1909 upright that was my father’s grandmothers. Their was a house fire way back in the day..and the only 2 things they saved out of it were the piano and a sewing machine. My father redid the piano and it’s gorgeous!! Badly out of tune but still one of my favorite things to play!


6. Every animal on this earth. Needs no explaining. If I think an animal is lost well you can better believe I’m trying to bring it in and home with me. It’s my nature.


7. Quilting and Knitting. I love to quilt and I am a little guilty of starting projects and not finishing them…takes me a while but eventually I get there. There is nothing better then arranging patterns and cutting fabric then seeing the pieces come together. One of my most favorite things to do.


8. Collecting books. As a kid I was told I had a reading comprehension disability and I never liked to read. I just always dreaded reading but after having my 2 sons and home schooling my youngest I have grown this passion for books. I have started collecting books I have read at the library. I don’t want to be one of those book hoarders but I’m afraid my collection is getting rather big.


9.Photography- Of course I love it..It should be at the very top of my list but my list isn’t in any order. I’ve been shooting a camera since I was about 9. I always thought I would be some famous photographer who shot for the big magazines but well I only thought as a kid it could only be a hobby and not a career. Learned later in life how untrue that was. I’ve done it for business and even went to school and got my AASD in Media Technologies- concentration in photography…but have since retired myself back to only taking for enjoyment. Camera is great but I have so many other hobbies that it has taken the back seat.


10. MY BIKE! I have the best bike on the planet. I call her pink panther. She’s a cruiser bike I bought at Target for very little but she’s the most comfy bike I have ever ridden. 7 gears and I might look silly on it but I don’t care one bit. I love my bike and riding it anywhere!


11. My family! Well…I lived with my folks pretty much my entire life until recently I moved into an apartment, which I love! But you realize when you’re away from your folks and oldest son just how much you love and appreciate them more! I am happy to say that my moving has made me more aware of them..sometimes when you are with them 24/7 you just don’t see them the same way. Living on my own is great but I love my family!


12. I love art! I love to draw and paint! I painted a huge mural on my youngest sons wall when he was two. He went to stay at his dads for the weekend and when he came home I had it on the wall. I bought stickers to place around it and it was just a great surprise for him! These pieces go all the way back to my high school days and some college days as well.


13. Laughing.  I love laughing! Who doesn’t, right?…I laugh all the time and even when I’m saddest I can still manage to crack myself up and those around me. Laughing is the best cure all for everything! Obviously, I love being a mom! My kids make me laugh the most!! My oldest one is the funniest person on this planet!


14. I love BARNS! I am most happy sitting by one or putting a saddle on a horse in one…I just find my peace sitting by a barn. Eating by it, photographing it or people in front of them. Having had the horses I guess that’s why I have!


15. I left out one of my most favorite things and just realized I did so I had to come back and do a quick edit! Victoria Secret Perfume and there is only one, Very Sexy For Her. It is the only perfume I wear and when I run out like I have just done …it’s time to get it ordered ASAP! I can’t be out of it. I have been wearing it for 20 years I guess..as long as they have been making it and when I do people stop me to ask me what I’m wearing or friends have even told me they have smelled it on others and it reminded them of me. So it honestly should be the first love I listed but they say the best is always last..so guess that’s right! Go get you some and you will know why it’s one of my favorite things I love!






Here are a few pictures including images that go along with my list of loves.

Well, that’s just a short list. I hope you enjoyed reading some of the things that I love. I could really go on and on….guess I love talking too! haha. I love winters and will just have to make a blog later on about that entirely. Shepard and I love a good snow to go sledding in. We have flexi sleds and you can’t beat those!  Until my next blog. Bye. Emily